Providing Advice And Information To Individuals In Crisis
To be positive to encourage hope and empowerment,
showing there is a way out and there is life after abuse.
God's love & mercy can help you, Cithrah can help you, Our counsellors can help you, Don't live where you are only surviving!
It is estimated that one in five women and one in nine men will experience Domestic Abuse in their lifetime
Victims are at greatest risk at the point of separation or after leaving a violent partner
Abuse most often starts or escalates for women during pregnancy
Domestic abuse accounts for approximately one fifth of all recorded violent crimes in Northern Ireland (tackling violence in the home 2005)
Each year about 700 families in NI have to be rehoused due to Domestic Abuse ( NI H Ex)
Under reporting a victim could have 36 incidents before reporting abuse to the police (Women’s Aid)
Leaving an abusive relationship is a process not an event, Information and support can assist and enable this process the choice is yours we can help

The Cithrâh foundation

We are a group of Christians willing to meet the needs of individuals and families in need of support.

We have managed a drop in centre providing support, counselling, information and training for our volunteers and individuals seeking help in a crisis.

We set out 18 years ago to open a place of safety for women fleeing domestic abuse. We have been successful and opened on 14th April 2008.

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