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The Cithrah Foundation

As a Christian organization, our dedicated mission is to meet the needs of individuals and families requiring support.

We operate a drop-in center that offers assistance, counseling, information, and training for both volunteers and those navigating abusive relationships. Additionally, we operate a women’s refuge, providing shelter for women and their families who have become homeless due to abusive situations.

Our journey began 18 years ago with the vision of establishing a safe haven for women escaping domestic abuse. This vision became a reality on April 14, 2008, when we successfully inaugurated Cithrâh as a refuge for those seeking comfort and protection.

At Cithrâh, our primary goal is to offer you a pathway to safety, providing the time and opportunities necessary to access the help and support essential for your well-being.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on promoting a positive outlook to inspire hope and empowerment, affirming that there is always a pathway to recovery and a fulfilling life beyond the impact of abuse.

We aim to spotlight the inherent strengths and capabilities within individuals and families, empowering them to pursue a life aligned with their aspirations rather than by their abuser. Our goal is to provide support and care, reinforcing the idea that a promising future is within reach for all those we assist.

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

We were delighted and honored to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in May 2022.

Need Advice On Domestic Abuse?