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All relationships have ups and downs. At any time in a relationship we may experience periods of harmony and commitment or disagreement and conflict, this is an acceptable part of all relationships.

Sometimes however these matters are not resolved. If one partner does not get their own way they may become controlling. Threatening and using fear to control, and or verbal abuse, physical force, emotional blackmail to get their own way is not acceptable. There IS life after abuse and we at Cithrah are committed to help you on your journey.

Our Services

We offer a range of services for  individuals and families in crisis:

Selah Accommodation

At Selah we aim to provide a safe environment where women and their children can live without fear of abuse.

When We Can Help

When you are ready or when you feel safe.

Some victims leave, but can take years to get help, or never realise help is available and live in despair or in denial.

Leaving an abusive relationship is a process not an event.

How We Can Help

We will show the victim how to be safe by offering a place of safety advice & information.

We offer counselling, a listening ear, personal development.

Life building skills and even living skills, to help promote self-worth and offer direction.

What We Can Do

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