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Selah Accommodation

Selah is dedicated to providing a secure environment where women and their children can reside free from the threat of abuse. We welcome referrals from any agency working with women aged 18 and above, whether with or without families, who meet our admission criteria.

Once accepted into our refuge, residents are offered a temporary yet fully furnished place they can call home. This provision allows them the time and opportunity to access the assistance and support they need during their moments of crisis. While our apartments are not intended as permanent residences, we actively encourage our residents to find solace and rebuild their lives without the fear of abuse.

‘Selah’ is a Hebrew word that is used in the old testament of the bible to describe a pause in the Psalms. We extend an invitation to all our residents to take a moment to reflect in a secure environment.

Contact us about Selah

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Selah or any of our other services.
You can make a self-referral by calling 028 9335 1199.