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Mark McAllister (Board Member) and Anna McAllister (Operations Manager) were part of the Jordan Victory Church Mission Team and traveled to India in March 2024. We teamed up with EARE/Seed of Hope Ministries in Tenali who facilitates the work and distribution of the resources. Suhdeer Kumar and Santosh Kumari worked tirelessly and hosted the team generously throughout the duration of the trip.

The goal of the team was to deliver much needed resources, compassion and medical care to those in need. This included building water wells to help locals access clean water, cataract operations, mercy ministries to the slums and Leper Colonies, delivering toys and food to the Children’s Home and providing mosquito nets to the Elderly Homes. The highlight of this trip for the Cithrah staff was being able to take part in the aid of women who had been trafficked in the Red Light District and were freed from slavery.

Many thanks to our Cithrah staff members and community, who through our Fundraising Event, raised a grand total of £1,804.50 to contribute towards the overall costs of the ministry that took place. Added to the funds raised by Jordan Victory Church, the resources that were able to be funded surpassed expectations and the team were able to build more wells, distribute more resources and save more trafficking victims than initially anticipated.

See below pictures of the life-saving work carried out by the generous donations- every penny counted as lives were impacted and changed. The faces of the human trafficking victims have been censored for their privacy.