About Us

The CithrÂh Foundation

We are a Christian Organisation eager to meet the needs of Individuals and families in need of support.

We have consist of a drop-in centre providing support, counselling, information and training for our volunteers and individuals seeking help in a crisis and a woman’s refuge for women and their families who find these homeless due to an abusive situation.

Our goal, 18 years ago, was to open a place of safety for women fleeing domestic abuse and we successfully achieved this on 14th April 2008.

Cithrâh offers you a way to safety, giving you time and opportunity to receive the help and support you need.

Our Focus

To be positive to encourage hope and empowerment, showing there is a way out and there is life after abuse. Highlighting the positives and abilities inside the person and families to overcome and live a life of their choice

Our services

Selah Accomodation for Females and Children​

Counselling & Group Work

Training & Awareness


Advice & Information

do victims recover?

Seek help with CITHRÂH

All relationships have ups and downs.  At any time in a relationship we may experience periods of harmony, commitment, disagreement and conflict, this is an acceptable part of all relationships. 

Sometimes however these matters are not resolved. If one partner does not get their own way they may become controlling. Threatening and using fear to control, and or verbal abuse, physical force, emotional blackmail to get their own way is not acceptable. 

There IS life after abuse and we at Cithrah are committed to help you on your journey.

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